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Yay! Destined Montana Love is available to read! I can’t wait to share Reid and Beverly’s secret love, brother’s best friend, friends to lovers love story with you.

A steamy, small town contemporary romance- read now!

You’ve heard the cliché of falling for your brother’s best friend. My problem?

I fell for my brother’s best friend who is also my best friend’s brother.

I fell for him when I was fifteen when he rescued me after the chocolate fountain disaster. And never stopped falling.

Mine is a secret love. A one-sided love affair, fueled by dreams where the handsome cowboy is overcome with love for the curvy librarian.

I wish he would drive up in his truck and whisk me away to a remote cabin retreat. Instead, I’m dreading the day he dates anyone but me, as I sit firmly stuck in the friend zone.

Or am I?

I see him watching me with a fire in his brilliant blue eyes that lights a spark in my belly, and I wish we could burn up the sheets like I do in my dreams.

When he whispers in my ear, sending shivers down my spine, I want to wake to his deep voice in my ear every morning. 

When he sees me speaking to another man, it looks like he wants to wrap an arm around my shoulder, marking me as his.

And then…that kiss. Molten and fiery and all consuming. How am I supposed to recover from a kiss like that and act like we are only friends?

Ever since that kiss, all I can think about is enticing him into my bed, but risking our friendship and openly declaring my love for Reid terrifies me. 

Am I brave enough?

Will I survive if he never loves me like I love him?

Read Destined Montana Love Now!

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